Praga District

Warsaw, Poland

Hof Prädikow

Brandenburg, Germany

Sunderland Highstreet

England, UK



Marquês de Abrantes

Lisbon, Portugal

Centocelle Archaeological Park

Rome, Italy

About the project

OpenHeritage: Organizing, Promoting and ENabling HEritage Reuse
through Inclusion, Technology, Access, Governance and Empowerment

OpenHeritage identifies and tests the best practices of adaptive heritage re-use in Europe. Drawing on the observations and results, the project will develop inclusive governance and management models for marginalized, non-touristic heritage sites and tests them in selected Cooperative Heritage Labs over Europe. It works with communities, local businesses, local and municipal administration, tries out new forms of engagement and uses crowdfunding and crowd sourcing mechanisms to create active heritage communities.
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For interested parties it offers:

Practices – an online database of current practices and policies listing national regulations, connecting them with diverse local initiatives, documenting the work in the sites with pictures, videos and a short analysis

Heritage Labs– online platforms to create/strengthen communities around the Cooperative Heritage Labs, inviting interested parties to observe and participate

National networking events and dialogues
 – to facilitate the exchange of views between practitioners, policy makers and public administration officials

International conferences
 – to exchange views

Training programs
 – for local administrations and practitioners

News & Events

9th Informed Cities Forum co-hosted by OpenHeritage

9th Informed Cities Forum co-hosted by OpenHeritage

The 9th Informed Cities Forum (ICF) was held online from October 26th to 28th 2021, engaging 173 dreamers, thinkers and doers from 56 cities and 35 countries in an unconventional cross-sectoral discussion about Urban Sustainability. Under the title  “Re-purpose....

The Glasshill Foundation was established

The Glasshill Foundation was established

One of the most important questions about sustainability is about how to create the necessary governance frameworks for the experimental sites OpenHeritage works with. In case of the Pomáz-Nagykovácsipuszta Lab (the Glasshill Lab as we have all been calling) this has...

Heritage Labs

Centocelle Archaeological Park,
South-East Co-District of Rome, Italy

High Street, Sunderland
Great Britain

Hof Prädikow,

Marquês de Abrantes, Lisbon

Pomáz-Nagykovácsi-Puszta ,

Praga District,