Informed Cities Conferences

OpenHeritage co-produced two editions of the Informed Cities conferences to bring together policy makers, researchers, civil society and business actors from across Europe and exchange on best practices in the adaptive reuse of cultural heritage:

7th Informed Cities Forum (October 2019) Who profits from heritage? Communities, capital and urban space“
9th Informed Cities Forum (October 2021) Re-purpose. Re-charge. Re-think. Heritage and e-mobility at the crossroads“

7th Informed Cities Forum

The 7th Informed Cities Forum Who profits from heritage? Communities, capital and urban space“ took place on 15-16 October 2019 in Warsaw (Poland). The event was co-produced by OpenHeritage and Actors of Urban Change, and co-organised by the City of Warsaw with support from the Forget Heritage INTERREG Central Europe project.

As the first conference for the OpenHeritage project, the 7th edition focused on the impact of urban regeneration processes on people and places and addressed issues of empowerment of local communities to safeguard urban commons.

The Forum explored the interrelation of urban regeneration and heritage, including through close examination of Praga, a rapidly changing district of Warsaw. In many European cities cultural heritage has been forgotten, exploited for private profit or interpreted to fit current political needs. However, cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible, has the potential to bring people together around shared values and help them work towards a more prosperous future.

9th Informed Cities Forum

The 9th Informed Cities Forum Re-purpose. Re-charge. Re-think. Heritage and e-mobility at the crossroads“ took place online on 26-28 October 2021 and connected urban dreamers, thinkers and doers from two worlds – of cultural heritage and electric mobility. The goal was to bridge the gap between these two seemingly unrelated topics, collectively search for links and connections between them, provoke discussions that normally wouldn’t take place and break the silos. The Forum was co-organised by the GreenCharge and OpenHeritage projects, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

The 9th edition was not only special because it brought together the topics of cultural heritage and e-mobility, but also because it took place entirely online. Participants from all over the world could virtually join the event and follow the selected sessions. The moderators and speakers were connecting live with the participants from the studio in Freiburg, Germany.

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