The adaptive heritage reuse Glossary project


This is the glossary of keywords on heritage reuse that clarifies the meaning and use of several terms that are relevant to the OpenHeritage project. The glossary consists currently of 24 entries and is open for your inputs! 

OpenHeritage project brings together experts, scholars and practitioners from different fields, from archaeology and architecture to business management, digital technologies, and sociology. This requires a clarification and operationalization of the concepts that consortium members work with. Through the collaborative process on the participatory website, Open Heritage researchers will work together to give a workable definition and establish a common understanding of these terms in the project.

 Following the template for the glossary entries, a concise definition is to be provided for each term, and the relationship of our definition to existing ones and debates in the academic literature is to be shown.

 The glossary entries are the result of a collaborative process among OpenHeritage consortium partners and have undergone an internal review. However, they only express the perspective of the authors listed under each term, not of all partners.

Click on an entry below to learn more about a certain keyword. You can also download all entries as PDF file here






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