Observatory Stories


Jam Factory art centre is a successful example of the revitalization and adaptive re-use of a historic building. The neo-gothic factory building on the outskirts of Lviv is gradually becoming the home of civic and artistic initiatives, and the core of local community building.

Restauration works in the Potocki Palace

The Potocki Palace is a Rococo residence, the main tourist attraction in a county town called Radzyn Podlaski in Eastern Poland.

Lab Stories

Restauration works in the Sunderland Lab

170-175 High Street West in Sunderland is long overdue for some restoration works! Tyne & Wear Building Preservation Trust now owns the building, and is working hard to gather the funding needed to do up these amazing buildings. The aim is to restore them not to former but to future glory!

Introducing Hof Prädikow (video in German and French)

Arte TV’s introduction of Heritage Lab Hof Prädikow, an experimental site combining adaptive reuse with an innovative model that aims to bring together the best of urban and rural lifestyles.

Project Stories


OpenHeritage tests a new approach to adaptive reuse, one that is based on empowering the local communities, and is adaptable for marginalised and less frequented sites as well.

Learning from good practices

Inclusion is a powerful tool, enabling sustainability. It is one of the main ideas behind the OpenHeritage project.

Informed Cities forum: who profits from heritage?

The 7th Informed Cities Forum took place on 15-16 October 2019 in Warsaw (Poland) and explored the interrelation of urban regeneration and heritage. The event was co-organised by OpenHeritage and Actors of Urban Change.