Eurodite guides transitions of European regions, cities and areas. It turns relevant societal concepts into cooperative actions and funding opportunities for places and people.

For area transitions, Eurodite defines strategies, plans and economic models, it involves stakeholders and implements actions as part of the transition. On regional and city transitions, Eurodite develops, manages and participates in European projects and programmes.

Eurodite projects deal with:

    • Culture and heritage: how to use the power of culture and heritage as a driver for regional development. Culture and heritage can serve as an important catalyst for socio-economic development and means for creating an identity and positioning of areas. How to identify the intrinsic and explicit values of cultural heritage and how can we make it accessible and valuable for a larger group of users?
    • Spatial-economic transitions: the transition towards a knowledge and sustainable economy is reflected in changing patterns in how we live, work, move and interact. Guiding this transition requires different governing and planning methods, new business and financing models and innovative cooperation structures.
    • Transition policies and practices: how to guide and control the physical, emotional and financial transformation of areas and regions. Having knowledge and skills on managerial, technical, financial and social transformation processes is essential to guide the increasingly complex transformation processes.
      Even though political-economic contexts in Europe are different across each country, change is a constant force. Management of change relies heavily on mobilising the right energy and taking it step by step. Eurodite has a vast experience in practical application of spatial-economic strategies and transition processes in East and West Europe. Eurodite will support OpenHeritage by probing the practicability of the outcomes to foresee change in real life cases.

Some of the projects Eurodite is currently working on are StrandLAB Almere (an area development project for new town Almere) and Innocastle (a European cooperation project on improving policies governing castles, manors and estates).
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November 20, 2018