The book, entitled Open Heritage. Community-Driven Adaptive Reuse in Europe, was just published by Birkhäuser.

Relying heavily on the project’s rich material, and focusing on some of the fundamental questions of the adaptive reuse process, it presents a varied landscape of projects and initiatives across Europe. It shows the multitude of ways local communities can take the lead in valorising heritage sites, and introduces tools and methods these initiatives use.

The book also has a theoretical side, contributing to debates about what constitutes heritage, the concepts of adaptive heritage reuse, heritage making and the issue of transferability.

The book was edited by Heike Oevermann, Levente Polyák, Hanna Szemzö, Harald A. Mieg

The authors are Heike Oevermann, Levente Polyák, Hanna Szemzö, Harald A. Mieg, Daniela Patti, Loes Veldpaus, Andrea Giuliano, Ashley Mason, Martin Hulse, John Pendlebury, Giovanni Pagano, Volodymyr Kulikov, Sophie Bod, Lukács Hayes, Iryna Sklokina, Andrea Tönkő, Federica Fava, Katarzyna Sadowy, Jorge Mosquera, Dominika P. Brodowicz, Giovanni Caudo, Dóra Mérai, Hanne van Gils

The book is available in selected book stores and can be ordered or downloaded here.

You can also browse the publication on Issuu.