Stiftung trias

Stiftung trias (trias foundation) is a non-profit foundation, established in 2002. The objections of the foundations are co-housing models, questions of land use and sustainability in cooperation with civil society. The foundation is developing projects all over Germany. In Austria and Switzerland they are working with local partners, mainly foundations.

  • Co-housing
  • Group building
  • Legal constructions of group projects
  • Financial models for inner development
  • Urban restructuring in shrinking small and medium cities

Collaborative housing is a steadily rising topic. To achieve a growing community-driven usage of buildings and the area we will use the financial instrument of long-term building leases. We enjoy a 15 years lasting experience with now 31 building leases for community-driven projects all over Germany. Starting with a capital reserve of 70000 € in 2002, the foundation grew stronger over the years with more than 90 donators and a capital reserve of 10 million €.
Stiftung trias’s experience will enable it to:
• lead the Cooperative Heritage Lab in Prädikow
• to participate in the Task Forces to provide advice for all the Cooperative Heritage Labs
• to participate in the development new business models for the adaptive re-use of heritage assets

Rolf Novy-Huy is a banker and Head of foundation for 15 years. He has experience in numerous projects of civil society, especially but not only co-housing projects. Working for a socially and ethically oriented bank for 12 years in financing of such groups, gathering a lot of experience in legal forms and extraordinary financing tools. Author of a variety of publications at trias foundation, for example about development, legal forms and financial aspects of co-housing projects.

Christian Darr
is a graduate engineer in brownfield- and materials recycling and M.Eng. in energetic and ecological urban redevelopment. Former scientific assistant for parliamentary group of the Greens in Thuringian Parliament and regional office manager for a member of Thuringian Parliament. Currently he’s working on research project “Civil society funds” at trias foundation.


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November 20, 2018