By the second half of the project an online database will be available displaying the results of the overview of the European policies of heritage re-use and analysis of the Observatory Cases. In doing so, the database will allow comparing the legal and institutional environments with the actual practice of adaptive reuse. The database will serve as a repository of ideas and will be freely available, with the aim to support knowledge sharing under various circumstances and policy development.



The Sargfabrik, a transformed former coffin factory has been one of the most important adaptive reuse projects with an innovative housing aim

Cascina Roccafranca

Cascina Roccafranca is a public social and cultural centre operating in a large former farm house and its courtyard on the periphery of Turin


Fargfabriken is a contemporary cultural laboratory, exhibition space and event centre in a 1889 industrial building

Potocki Palace

The Potocki Palace, a rococo residence and its surroundings in a county town Radzyn Podlaski in Eastern Poland

Convento delle Cappuccinelle

The former church complex Convento delle Cappuccinelle, situated in a very dense neighborhood of Naples historical center, was a juvenile jail until the end of the last century when it was definitively dismissed. On 2015 a local grass-roots group (“Scacco Matto” /...

Lviv Jam Factory

Situated in a former industrial neighbourhood in Lviv, this new-generation cultural centre initiated by the Harald Binder Cultural Enterprises is designed to catalyse the regeneration of the entire area

Largo Residências

Largo Residências is a cooperative hostel, artist residence and café using a formerly empty residential building in Lisbon’s Intendente neighbourhood.

Jewish Quarter Budapest

Starting the mid-2000s, a series of bottom-up initiatives turned the abandoned, dilapidated buildings in the former Jewish Quarter into temporary bars

Halele Carol

Located near the centre of Bucharest, part of the factory is still used for production

Stará tržnica

Bratislava’s Old Market Hall (Stará tržnica), owned by the municipality and unused for years, was leased to an NGO for a symbolic one euro per year


ExRotaprint is an industrial complex in Wedding, Berlin that hosts cultural and social activities

Green Metropolis

The term ‘Green Metropolis’ is an art term that should combine the post-industrial landscapes in the German, Dutch and Belgian border region.

Alba Iulia

The recently refurbished site called Citadel incorporates the ruins of the Roman-period town of Apulum