Toolbox development

In Work Package 5, OpenHeritage develops a toolbox that enables local communities to become fully involved in adaptive re-use of their heritage sites, or for local authorities or land owners to activate local communities and enroll them into the redevelopment of sleeping heritage sites. The toolbox offers support for the long-term management of heritage sites in sustainable manner as well.

The toolbox focusses on four aspects of inclusion emphasized by OpenHeritage, as it provides tools, methods and techniques for:

• Organizing community and stakeholder involvement and public-private-people partnerships
• Organizing inclusive business models and crowd funding
• Organizing regional and territorial integration

The toolbox integrates the findings of other work packages, importantly the lessons from the Observatory Cases (WP2), the evaluation of transferability (WP3), and gets tested and validated in the Cooperative Heritage Labs (WP4). As such, Work Package 5 has both an academic/analytical and an applied/practical dimension. Parts of the toolbox will be integrated into the Heritage Points as part of the multipurpose website.



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