19 Oct
2 Nov
16 Nov
7 Dec
14 Dec

| Module 1: Heritage Reuse
| Module 2: Governance and Community
| Module 3: Finance
| Module 4: Territorial Impact
| Module 5: Integrated Module

Click here to register for the OpenHeritage training programme.

Are you a practitioner working on cultural heritage? Are you involved in projects on heritage protection and adaptive heritage reuse? Do you want to learn new practical skills that can help you start your own adaptive reuse project? Then register for the OpenHeritage training programme!

The programme will be kicked off on 19 October 2021 with the introductory module on Heritage Reuse, focusing on key definitions and concepts, as well as relevant opportunities, challenges and tools. The training modules will take place at two week intervals,  exploring  different themes related to adaptive reuse of cultural heritage, such as governance and community engagement, financial strategies, territorial impact and more. Participants can register to participate in individual modules as well as in the entire training. However, it is strongly recommended to sign up for the whole series and fully benefit from the knowledge and experience of our experts.

Interested? Click here to learn more about the programme and register!