During the lockdown imposed in Italy by the National Government to counteract the Covid-19 pandemic (from March 8th to May 4th a full “Lockdown” and then an eased lockdown, still persisting today) the community has continued to develop their activities and tried to find innovative way to respond to the crisis. The Luiss team stimulated the organization various calls. In addition, also the meetings of the Board of Directors of CooperACTiva took place online. During these calls, a new solution to provide neighborhood commercial and welfare services through collaborative economies was proposed by the Community and defined with the support of the Luiss expertise: a digital civic platform for neighborhoods’ commercial and welfare services. The platform aims to transpose all the activities foresee by the community in a digital platform which could support the capacity building, the knowledge sharing and the selling of cultural and community services. Hence, the meetings were important to imagine the future ahead and to keep the group together also in this very difficult moment.