The Bakery is an interesting example and perfect case for teaching, discussing and looking for new heritage-oriented solution. This is why it was guest starring in Warsaw School of Economics in a postgraduate studies of Spatial Planning in the Department of Local Government Economy and Financing. The studies comprise 10 months of intensive learning providing theoretical knowledge and practical training and is coordinated by Katarzyna Sadowy. Majority of the students work in the public administration on the local level, but there are also persons from various professions who want to find up-to-date knowledge about legal, economic, social, cultural and environmental aspects of the planning and land use.

Last year provided additional challenge to the faculty and students to teach and learn online. It was especially important for the course of Heritage and Revitalization Programmes, which normally would be held in the revitalization area in Praga. Dr Sadowy presented the case of the Bakery at Stolarska and the framework of the OpenHeritage project. During the following online workshop, students met the challenge with flying colours, proposing several interesting comments, solutions and possible future activities of the space. This year students had the opportunity to discuss Bakery also with Maciej Czeredys and learn more about current state of PragaLAB.