It is one of the aims of the Lab to explore how a heritage site can be used for educational purposes. The Budapest School is an alternative institution that offers a personalized educational model and provides an opportunity for children to learn at their own pace. The daily activities of the children encompass a number of educational fields and multiple competencies. Their visit to the Pomáz heritage site gave them a glimpse into a variety of subjects, and the children could explore the site for themselves and come up with their own interpretation of the place, as a form of co-creating heritage in the lab. The plants, trees and animals offered an opportunity to learn about biology and ecology and they discussed the ruins from a historical-archaeological point of view but also as something that can be used today; they learned about agriculture, plant cultivation and animal husbandry at the farm. One output of the Lab is an educational supplementary material and aid that is being produced with the involvement of teachers who visited the lab and by drawing on the feedback received from the children and their mentors alike.