What is the recipe for successful projects initiated and driven by civil society? Representatives from civil society, local politics and monument protection approached the answers to this question today in the village barn of Hof Prädikow. After a short introduction by Rolf Novy, member of directors board of the trias foundation, on the challenges of financing, the mayor of Prötzel, Simona Koß, welcomed the participants. A lively discussion quickly got underway.

Looking from their own professional perspective and explaining it to the other participants lead to some surprises and, much more important, to a better understanding of motivation, restrictions and the way of working of the opposite. As a result, one can state that – with civic groups with a high readiness to participate, are a most creative investor to bring heritage buildings into new life and, at the same time, bringing a revitalization into the village or quarter the work in. Heritage administrations and mayors should make use of these opportunities.