In July 2022 on-site works commenced at 177 High Street West (or, the Tyre Shop) and 1-2 Villiers Street, whose ownership are being transferred to the Tyne and Wear Building Preservation Trust. The external works of these long-term vacant properties are aiming to be completed around September 2022, and will include removing the pebbledash from the facade, applying a lime render, repairing / replacing windows, and repairing the roof alongside other necessary structural repairs. Repairing the facades of the building is a crucial first step in the restoration project. Further funding will be sought to support the internal works.

The TWBPT are currently considering potential occupiers for the spaces available within the buildings, ranging from local community groups to community interest companies. The new additions will provide increased security to the area as well as footfall, extending the existing family of Pop Recs, Sunshine Co-operative and Global Teacher, and improving the outlook for the area as a whole. The Tyre Shop will also be the cornerstone to a proposed new housing development to be situated on the adjacent empty site between Nile Street and Villiers Street, a community-focused project led by TOWN, Create Streets and Back on the Map.