Preparations for the Living Memory Exhibition (LME) are on their way:

  • December 2019 – the open call for curators was launched
  • June 2020 – the concept of LME in Praga is ready


The PragaLAB keeps looking for solutions concerning Praga’s heritage, modern approaches to old factories and manufacturing shops, stores, workshops and other workplaces. Its team remains on the lookout for links between old and modern ways of working, between crafts, industry and innovation. For the PragaLAB team, Praga is primarily a district created by work and for working people. Hence, PragaLAB has also been looking for new functions for now defunct manufacturing sites. It also keeps looking for places and ways to support contemporary Praga artists. All these very specific actions are brought together by a certain vision of Praga and a way presenting its history.

From the very beginning of PragaLAB’s operations, there was a search for the way of talking about what was the most important for PragaLAB – the contemporary character and life of Praga’s work heritage. Since December 2019, the PragaLAB team has been working with Magdalena Dopieralska, one of the curators of the Living Memory Exhibition, associated with the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, who helped us work on this story.

The Living Memory Exhibition will not be a typical exhibition. What is it going to be? We are going to show you in 2021. It will certainly be a dialogue between the curatorial team, Praga and the audience of the Living Memory Exhibition. Everybody who comes into contact with it will be able – literally – to add their own chapter and their own voice to the exhibition. It will also be a clash of unexpected points of view between the real and imagined Praga, the Praga of the past and the Praga of the future.