As a concluding event to wrap up the OH project’s work in the Pomáz Lab, we organized a pop-up exhibition and family day centered around the themes of community archaeology and public involvement in scholarly research and in the protection and interpretation of local heritage. The program included a wide range of activities, from archaeological “treasure hunt” for children to roundtable discussions about Pomáz’s local cultural heritage and monuments, about the concept of heritage and its adaptive use and the opportunities to join in heritage protection initiatives. Visitors could familiarize themselves with cutting edge methods and technologies of exploring and documenting local values, see the finds brought to light by community archaeology projects, have a chat about their local ancestors and the history of families in Pomáz, and the discuss with heritage experts how they perceive local heritage and what are the values various communities associate with it. The event took place at the Teleki-Wattay castle, a 250 year-old monument that now serves as a hotel and a community center; participants also had the opportunity to join guided tours in the castle and see parts that are usually not accessible to visitors.