The new release of the Co-Roma platform (, was produced by the OpenHeritage  project. It builds on the first functionality, which was already present in the old version of Co-Rome, namely the of mapping of projects, resources, and activities that can be defined as cultural, environmental, and cognitive commons in the territory of Rome.

The three new pillars developed are:

– Co-governance toolkit for project management and impact assessment.

– Funding tools for projects and initiatives such as crowdfunding

– Neighborhood E-Commerce for products and services, available to the economic realities of the Rome area

As for the toolkit, Co-Roma makes collaboration tools available to any citizen, business, association or institution that wants to contribute to the development and open, just and responsible innovation of Rome’s territories. These tools, which are part of the Google suite, are:

  1. Google Meet
  2. The entire google suite for collaboration (Doc, Sheet, Slide, etc…)
  3. Google Jamboard, a shared work board
  4. Google Drive digital repository.

Through these tools, users connected to a project can collaborate asynchronously using the platform, Co-Roma, as a single point of access.

Impact evaluation is also included in the platform, which uses automated questionnaires for ex ante, in itinere and ex post evaluation. The evaluation scheme used is the result of the past experience of the Luiss research group / LabGov, and applies a multidimensional impact indicator (Territorial, Local and Urban Impact, Environmental Impact, Socio-economic Impact, Socio-sanitary Impact, Technological and Digital Impact).

The platform also offers the opportunity to raise funds for the various initiatives it will host, through crowdfunding. Crowdfunding campaigns can be linked to individual projects, to allow people to contribute even just economically to the different projects.

The e-commerce provides small retailers with a possibility to showcase and sell their products or services, offering the community the opportunity to buy online while retaining the value at the community.