Made in Praga is a competition and support programme for micro- and small enterprises, as well as artists, announced in June 2019. We were looking for people involved in production, repair, art, or working in craft cafés in the Praga district. In the first case, we wanted to focus on local creators producing durable, sustainable, quality products on a small scale, connected with the identity of the district. The second category referred to the “waste not, want not” headline. We were looking for people who repair things by giving them a new lease on life, searching and offering their customers original items with history. Of course, we could not miss Art – both that with the capital “A” and other manifestations of this phenomenon, making up an important element creating the identity of the residents and the heritage of the district. Sometimes, it takes on the form of a mural, sometimes it turns into the “Praga Virgin Mary”, but it is always authentic. The last, but extremely important category of craft cafés appeared as an expression of a practical and metaphorical approach to open heritage, since for decades, cafés have been the focal points of social and artistic life. On this side of the Vistula, they are important micro-enterprises, often run by enthusiasts of history and architecture of Praga.

As a result of the competition, we established various cooperations. One is with Natural Born Design (the artist behind this brand focuses on designing and producing interior design elements such as lamps in a manner consistent with the spirit of sustainable development).

The other is with Look Inside, which is not only a vintage store, but the people responsible for it are passionate about the history of Praga. They created the Museum of Polish Clocks and the Cuda Wianki event, famous among the general public.

And finally with the  PEDET.SHOP (to be precise, Praga Warszawa – one of the three brands of Pedet’s creator, which, apart from its aesthetic values, follows the mission of building a positive image of the district). The activities of the Praga Lab within the framework of the competition cover a number of issues, from substantive support to grants, but the most important element for both sides is the exchange of opinions on the importance and nature of the district’s contemporary heritage.

More about the competition can be found here