In a little ceremony Rolf Novy-Huy, as presentative of Stiftung trias and Simona Koß, mayor of Prötzel-Prädikow opened the building for the public. This act built a bridge between history and presence. Hof Prädikow, or “Gut Prädikow” has always been more than an agricultural site. I was the economic heart of the village. People worked there, lived there and as one can see even married there. To tie in with this now is exactly the approach linked with the renovation of the village barn. It should not be there for workshops and congresses, but should also be the “living room” for villagers as well as for newcomers.

Village Barn before

and after

As of the end of the year 2022 we see that this happened to be extremely successful. There are even plans now to find somebody to manage the occupation of the barn professionally. Therefore, if not a full, maybe at least a part-time working place for somebody.

The way it should operate

Creating a community

Reinterpreting the old traditions