The exhibition titled In a Warsaw Atelier (“W Warszawskiej Pracowni”) has been organized by the City of Warsaw and Projekt Pracownie (Atelier Project) in cooperation with the Museum of Warsaw and the OW SARP team (PragaLAB / OpenHeritage). It is devoted to artisanal professions that have been present in the urban space for years and decades, such as carpenter, jeweller, dressmaker, potter, glazier, purse maker and watchmaker. The exhibition presents photos and descriptions of sixteen unique arts and crafts studios operating on a daily basis in Warsaw as an important element of Warsaw’s cityscape. Their significance for local communities has also been noted, a vital issue at the time of COVID-19 pandemic. Visitors to the exhibition are offered an opportunity to learn more about the outcome of the study titled “Transmission of Crafts—Opportunities and Obstacles” carried out thanks to the financial support of the City of Warsaw as part of the Integrated Revitalization Program and about the findings of OpenHeritage PragaLAB regarding the role of urban manufacturing.

The exhibition was on display at the square in front of the ZODIAK Warsaw Architecture Pavilion from 1 to 28 May 2021.