The Glasshill Lab launched a new cooperation program with the Community Archaeology Association. The cooperation started a while ago with the archaeologists and volunteer metal detectorists of the Ferenczy Museum Center in Szentendre. The museum program with volunteers transformed into a civic organization focusing on community archaeology that covers a broader field than just metal detecting and can reach a growing group of interested public.

The new program in cooperation with the Lab was launched based on the previous cooperation was helped by the easing Covid-related restrictions that allowed community activities to take place under specific conditions. Archaeological fieldwork as an open-air activity complied with these requirements. Over the weekends, the Lab organizes complex programs with the Community Archaeology Association that includes an educational element: a fieldwork session presenting the archaeological remains of the site. This is then followed by common volunteer work at the Lab site with the aim to increase the public accessibility of the site. Members of the Association help to create conditions that allow to open the site for visitors and to organize programs for other groups, including schoolchildren. As a third element of the program, the participants carry out a field survey and a metal detector survey of the archaeological sites around Pomáz.