The capacity building aimed to provide tools for civic collaborators to help them in developing activities in the area. In particular, the themes of ethics, responsibility and sustainability were addressed to demonstrate the value of cooperation through a creative brainstorming. Moreover, during the six meetings in which the capacity building was organized, one of the main objectives was to identify synergies between the actors involved in the network, through teamwork presentation and group feedback. Therefore, the aim was to show in practice how culture represents a triggering factor in the development processes of local communities, also thanks to the contribution of institutional actors, the exchange of good practices between actors operating in the territory.
The meetings were attended by representatives of the community and local associations, together with representatives of research centers (e.g. LabGov). Professionals from the field of cooperation and civic entrepreneurship (representatives from Sant’Egidio, L’Alverare, CittadinanzaAttiva, Sarteria) were then involved in the presentations. In terms of outputs, the capacity building has increased management and organizational skills of the participants, together with their ability to manage the programming of cultural and participatory events within the lab.