During the spring, the community took action to plan and organize a series of heritage walks for the spring-summer period in order to promote the principles of the Faro Convention, and actively participate in the initiatives of the Faro Community Network. Through the neighborhood cooperative (CooperACTiva) and its members the Collaboratory designed and scheduled a series of guided tours in the Centocelle Archaeological Park’s. The tours – which started in May 2021 and will be going on until September – were designed to explore different points of cultural interest for different targets groups (families, children, other etc.). The developed paths let visitors discover the hidden cultural gems of the Torre Spaccata and Alessandrino districts. Due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic and the lockdowns, most of the design meetings took place online. While planning activities the community also had to consider the uncertainties related to the restrictions foreseen for the following months (curfews, etc.) and plan diverse tour options, as well as ensure the compliance with the rules on spacing and number of participants to avoid crowds.