Once a year the Chamber of Architects in Germany, organizes the day of architecture. This gives interested professionals as well as amateurs the opportunity to visit outstanding architectural projects. For Hof Prädikow e. V. this day was a welcome opportunity to “open their doors”. Apart from the “every-day-image” of a construction site, this day gave the opportunity just to be nosy. Visitors from the Village of Prädikow, people from the surrounding area, but also visitors from Berlin came to see this place.

Aspects of urban development of heritage and civil society-projects could be shown. For network-partners and the future work in the State of Brandenburg and above, Hof Prädikow was presented as “best practice example”. The opportunity to meet people, having an exchange among all made this day to one of the bigger and outstanding events on Hof Prädikow. This was a perfect opportunity to disseminate knowledge and achievements of such a project.