The pandemic made life complicated for all of us, and our Lab in Pomáz-Nagykovácsi puszta, Hungary was no exception. In spring 2020 we needed to come up with something to keep the Pomáz heritage community busy during the challenging time of the pandemic, when all community events had to be cancelled, including our lectures and guided tours. The new municipality leadership elected in 2019 fall appointed the Friends of Pomáz Association to maintain the so-called Local Heritage Inventory, a list of items, tangible and intangible, that are relevant in terms of cultural heritage and have strong links to the Pomáz area. This inventory is prepared as an answer for a national call for bottom-up initiatives in Hungary: all settlements, regions and counties are invited to create a list of their own, put together by the community and managed by local authorities and NGOs. The most prominent elements of these lists can also enter the National Heritage Inventory. New items can be added to this list after proper research is done on the subject and the material is presented to the Committee of the Heritage Inventory. This seemed like a project that would certainly generate interest in the local community of Pomáz, and we hoped that the Decidim site’s functions will provide a framework within which the complicated preparatory and decision-making stages can be presented to the public, so our Lab joined in the management of the inventory. A sub-site dedicated to the inventory was created on our Decidim page, and we started documenting the work of the Committee here. The Committee is continuously expecting new proposals, which can be commented on, and to which further contributions can be made, before they gain their final form and are voted on by the Committee.