In 2018 “Co-Roma”, a coalition of urban actors (local NGOs, local public authorities, Luiss University and the LabGov research and innovation center, community hubs and local enterprises) started the process to obtain a recognition from the Council of Europe of its work in in the area of the heritage co-district ACT (Alessandrino- Centocelle-Torrespaccata) to create value around the Centocelle archeological and cultural heritage as a “heritage community” (pursuant to the Faro Convention, 2005). The recognition process, facilitated by the Luiss team that is operating the Centocelle Lab, and accompanied by the the Co-Roma coalition and the Centocelle Heritage Community requires different steps, which are designed to provide information on the activities of the community. The organised meetings and created documents provided the perfect occasion to show all the activities that the community has developed for the valorization of the heritage district and the inclusion of different narratives in the cultural values.

The recognition is an important step for the development of the community and it also allows the heritage community to build relations with other projects around Europe and to participate to the events of the Faro Convention Network where good practices, experience and possible collaborations are shared.