The new business model designed to take forward the Rome Collaboratory ACT is based on the creation of a digital community platform, the “Co-Roma platform” ( aimed at gathering all energies and initiatives developed by the district, connecting them other services on a city basis and through the use of emerging technologies (e.g. IoT, blockchain etc.) to develop these services in an innovative way.

The platform intends to support the CHL’ activities and the ones carried out by the neighborhood cooperative “CooperACTiva” to which they are strictly linked. It is precisely the lockdown experience and the ongoing health emergency due to the global pandemic that have prompted the community to rethink its relationship with citizens and the cooperative’s business model, thus focusing on digital and proximity services provided through new technological tools.


The Co-Roma site


The Co-Roma platform will therefore represent the infrastructure through which to provide neighborhood services not only in the area of the district where the CHL operates, but also in other districts of the city. For this reason, the services to which the platform will be designed for are services already to be provided by the community, such social (e.g. social welfare, consultancy), tourist-cultural and mobility services. The platform will aim to formalize a network of civic entrepreneurs who are willing to share their potential to improve the well-being of their community.

The platform development is still currently under evaluation, but it will be developed and tested over the next two years.