Starting from Saturday 31st October (10:00-12:00 a.m.) were held a series of online workshops on the management of art projects related to visual art organized by Co-Roma, in collaboration with CooperACTiva, with the support of Sarteria, a cultural start-up for the promotion of artistic, historical, environmental, literary and cultural heritage (!/up), and Luiss-LabGov.City (

The capacity building process was part of the activities of the Rome CHL and aimed at activating digital workshops that are going to lead to the creation and implementation of a shared and co-designed artistic exhibition (Living Memory Exhibition) between artists, experts in the field which will be involved in the various sessions, and the community. During each session the fundamental phases of the artistic project design and management cycle were showed and experimented: fundraising, also through digital platforms, projects’ governance, co-design of a public art work to be created for the exhibition, together with the community.

Snapshot from the online workshop

The capacity building was aimed at co-designing some artistic public art works to be realized in the Alessandrino-Centocelle-Torre Spaccata (ACT) district, and to be presented during the participatory district artistic exhibition, which will take place in spring/summer 2021 and will be linked to other artistic-creative-cultural activities already planned and ongoing thanks to other projects started in the area.