The Glasshill Lab at Pomáz has been heavily affected by the restrictions due to the COVID 19 pandemic. The workshops and events had to be cancelled and in the period of hard lockdown, the site was completely inaccessible. Since the bio-farm on the Lab classifies as food production place, it fell under very strict regulations, so even Lab team members were not allowed to enter. As, with the end of the third wave of the pandemic, the most serious restrictions were lifted, in late spring the work could re-start on-site. The aim has been to create the necessary conditions to be able to host visitors’ groups when this can be done in a responsible manner without endangering anyone’s health.

With the help of a newly hired site manager and a few volunteers, the site was cleaned, and prepared for a basic infrastructural development to be done with the help of a broader circle of volunteers as soon as the conditions allowed it. Material for the construction of outdoor furniture and community shed were collected from the community around the site, and information panels and some furniture were prepared with DIY methods. When the first outdoor events could be organized, members of the Community Archaeology Association joined the team as volunteers as a part of their fieldwork sessions.

Finally, on July 11, a Family Day was organized for the local community where the participants could already enjoy the new equipment and the organized environment created by the volunteers.