The Lab continues its efforts to seek innovative solutions for the municipally owned premises in need of reuse. It adapted the ideas for the Bakery together with the municipality representatives: Ms Beata Wrońska-Freudenheim (deputy director, department responsible for revitalization processes), Ms Bożena Salich (head of the agency managing the municipally-owned premises), Mr Michał Krasucki (Chief Conservation Officer for Warsaw), Mr Marcin Telakowiec and our Advisory Board: Ms Justyna Biernacka , Ms Anna Tomaszewska  and Ms Katarzyna Wrońska during the first off-line meeting since March 2020. The meeting took place in the garden of the OW SARP heritage site on Foksal Street.

The Bakery’s future depends on further developments of entrepreneurship during the pandemic or – fingers crossed – in the post-pandemic world. Taking a lead from several EU and worldwide initiatives, the LAB is trying to connect current challenges with a broader change. Based on the recommendations published in the spring 2021, and is exploring the possibilities to support more innovative and circular industries within the heritage areas of Praga.