On February 1st PragaLAB launched online publication titled Bakery.Searching for new models of  heritage adaptive re-use (polish: Piekarnia. W poszukiwaniu nowych modeli adaptacji dziedzictwa architektury. available at https://issuu.com/ohpraga/docs/pragalab_piekarnia_publikacja ).The Bakery is both a unique and a typical facility for Praga distric. It combines different challenges and bring various  actors together. As such, it was a perfect place for conducting an experiment – so far intellectual one, but to be implemented in the future. The publication is based on the result of workshops focused on solutions for this place, yet in reference to existing projects of re-use of historical workplaces that need: the improvement of their technical condition, new function (or the restoration of the previous one); adjustment to new environmental standards; new business models. It sums up the results of the workshop and presents recommendations for possible future heritage adaptive re-use process focused on circular economy and in cooperation with a wide range of stakeholders.