Attendants of the ICF had the opportunity to visit OpenHeritage’s Praga Lab in central Warsaw’s Praga District. They met a local NGO – Otwarte Drzwi (Open Door Association) –  and discussed the role of the place and the values embedded in their work.

ICF attendants – among them OpenHeritage partners – on Otwarte Drzwi’s workshop

The visit and workshop forms part of the work conducted in the Praga Lab, where for now in the first phase of the participative workshops solutions to reuse the site of a former bakery between Stolarska and Letnia streets (Carpenter and Summer Str.) is sought. The Lab has been generally working on a series of interventions and experiments that combine tangible and intangible heritage of the Praga District. A special area of interest is Nowa Praga (New Praga), a complex space of streets with small stores and various post-industrial buildings, where new investments are in close proximity of dilapidated tenement houses and closed stores. Old and new are intertwined in all manners, often putting the protection of local heritage at risk.

Old and new landscapes contrast in Praga District
Old bakery on Letna Street
Interior of old bakery
Praga District streetscape
Praga District façade