PRAGA LAB invited partners, friends and the heritage community for the Lab kick-off meeting in Museum of Praga. It was the first occasion the team presented the main ideas of Praga Lab to the general public. In addition, it was also the inauguration of the cooperation between Praga Lab and Museum of Praga, an experienced institution playing a leading role in heritage studies and dissemination in the area.

The Praga Lab team presented three main ideas of the planned actions: to map people and places related to local heritage; to empower people working in Praga district (artists, entrepreneurs and activists), who can in turn empower the heritage of the area; and to organize workshops focusing on the selected undervalued or neglected places (stores, small post-industrial buildings, vacant spaces).

The meeting was attended by a very diverse group, and the team trusts this is a good prognosis for future networking: artists, entrepreneurs, representatives of several municipal offices and project supporters (Praga inhabitants, architects).

The Praga Lab team, through a series of interviews, debates, and – last but not least – informal and heated conversations with the members of heritage community, established WORK as a common factor of tangible and intangible heritage of this part of Warsaw. This decision met positive reaction from the meeting participants.

The team team announced also two main initiatives for 2019: a call for partners whose work we may support and a workshop to discuss possible future of a place in Praga. The place will be chosen in a participatory process. To know more about visit