OpenHeritage, the H2020 project coordinated by MRI is now on track: the first Consortium meeting took place between 24-26 June, hosted by CEU. with a site visit to one of the Cooperative Heritage Labs in Pomáz. The meeting brought together cca. 40 representatives from all 16 consortium partners.

Three intense days were spent with discussions, presentations and brainstorming sessions, allowing participants get to know one another, and set the agenda for the next months. As on the ground work is central to the project, so we wanted to start with taking a look at one of the six testing sites, the Pomáz-Nagykovácsi Cooperative Heritage Lab. We spent an afternoon learning about the challenges of this peri-urban archaeological site.

The next days were spent at the CEU. Researchers from several disciplines, practitioners, and representatives of NGOs and the private sector negotiated possible frameworks and laid out the key conceptual and practical tasks for their respective work packages. Website development also started; the project website is set to be operational by the end of this year. Work was followed by guided tours focusing on the challenges of heritage re-use in contemporary Budapest. We visited the Jewish district – one of the observatory cases of the project -, and the CEU campus.